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Finding New Love for Act Two

We are currently looking for loving homes for 6-9 year old (post-breeding) females. We are not asking for payment, but require that you have the means to properly care for these queens, as well as sign a contract that they will not be brought again into breeding.

Janet and Larry are entering the phase of life where scaling back a bit is necessary. While Lovable Companion Kennel has always been a forever home for all the moms and dads of our wonderful puppies, the time has come when we need to start finding new, loving homes for some of these sweet dogs in their Act Two.

There is an application process for choosing the new homes for these cherished dogs. If interested, please fill out the application at the bottom of this page after reviewing the following information. Please do not call, as spam calls have gotten out of hand and we are only making outgoing calls. You’ll be able to leave your phone number in the application, and we will call you.

Born: November 6, 2014
Weighs: 8.5 pounds
Color: White
Born: February 6, 2015
Weighs: 11 pounds
Color: Blonde
Born: March 12, 2014
Weighs: 15 pounds
Color: Grey-Black

General Information

These dogs have had a happy life living with other dogs as constant companions. Your new dog is used to AC in the summer and heat in the winter. She has lived in a comfortable kennel that has a laundry room, grooming facilities, a mini-kitchen, and doggie “apartments” for sleeping, and she’s had daily access to fresh air and being outside. Humans visit throughout each day, so these dogs have never known being lonely. It is important to understand that there will necessarily be a transition period for them to get comfortable in a new home, and it is preferable for them to know there are others nearby as much as possible.

Adopting an adult dog has its pros and cons, just like adopting a puppy has its pros and cons. Overall, it's important to be prepared to invest the time and resources needed to properly care for and train an adult dog that has lived its entire life in a different living situation. It may also be helpful to seek the assistance of a professional dog trainer if you feel you need more help.


What are the benefits of adopting an adult dog?
With an adult dog you know exactly their size and color… no waiting around for them to grow out a puppy coat. Adults have grown bladders and don’t need to be taken out every few hours at night like a new puppy. These females have also grown out of the “puppy stage” of the first three years and have calmed into their adult selves.

Will my new dog be “fixed?”
These females are not spayed, and it's important to know that dogs continue to go into heat throughout their entire lives. Because of their age you will need to discuss with your vet what is the best option for them. For their health and well-being, they are not to be bred to have puppies.

Will my new dog be trained?
No. These dogs have lived a life socialized with other dogs, with human interaction and care, but no specific training. Like any dog of any age you bring into your home, you will need to devote time, care, and training for it to understand how you would like it to behave in your home. Youtube has lots of helpful videos for training your newly adopted adult dog.

Will my dog have separation anxiety?
These dogs have never been left alone; they have always had companions. It is recommended that you have a good stretch of days set aside to demonstrate a calm and loving environment for your new dog. It will take a good amount of time to build trust in both you and a new home.

Is my dog crate trained?
All of the dogs have had their own crate as their safe space. It is wise to create a comfortable “cave” for them in your home that has all of the things for good living.

What will my new dog’s energy level be like?
Any dog finding a new home will likely be scared at first, and it will be hard to tell what their personality will relax into. All of these dogs have had places to run and play and interact with others on a daily basis. Once they start to warm up to you and your home, it is very important to offer them ways to have exercise and mental stimulation. Some will enjoy toys, some will enjoy learning to do tricks for treats, some will enjoy time spent outside and going on walks.

Can “old dogs learn new tricks?”
YES! Just like when you bring a puppy into your home, an older dog needs to be shown all of the ways you would like to interact with it. There are lots of great resources on Youtube and elsewhere with instruction on how to effectively house train your dog to go potty outside.

Will my dog be current on vaccinations?
Yes, your new dog will have all of the vaccinations required in the state of Indiana. Your state or county might require or recommend additional vaccinations. It is very important that you consult with your vet to see what is best for your and the dog’s life circumstances.

Can I pay to fly my new dog home to me?
No. While this is sometimes an option for puppies, this will be too stressful on the adults. We recommend driving to pick up your new lovable companion.

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